COVID-19 UPDATE: Russia is opening borders for education and work abroad
Russia is reopening borders for some of its citizens to leave the country for work, study, treatment, and care for their relatives. Foreigners are also allowed to arrive for treatment and care for their close ones.
By Maksim Kostiuchenko | August 19, 2019
Like many other countries, in middle March Russia closed its borders due to the situation with the coronavirus spreading. Today over 7,000,000 people globally are infected with COVID-19. More than 407,000 have died, while over 3,400,000 have recovered.
Dynamics of the number of COVID-19 infected in Russia
Across the country, positive dynamics are recorded in the situation with the spread of COVID-19. According to data on June 08th, the increase in incidence for the sixth day in a row does not exceed two percent. In Moscow, there was a one percent increase. Altogether, 12.5 million tests for coronavirus infection were done in Russia.
For many people, it is very important to be in our country now... For others, on the contrary, it is necessary to leave for some serious reasons. The Government has received many appeals on this subject. And we are making changes to the restrictions for people who are in such a situation
Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of Russia
Inside the country all quarantine measures are being released in three steps before the end of June, so all the shops, restaurants and children's institutions have already opened or will get back to operations soon. Traveling within the country is also not restricted any more for all citizens regardless of their region.

TravelWorks experts see two main actions needed to be taken now by education institutions that want to welcome their current and new students from Russia.

First of all, it is important for the countries where the students want to fly and study to open the borders. Thus, lobbying for this decision is highly important. As our quick poll shows, over 90% of Russian long-term students are ready to arrive in a country of their studies and be self-isolated for the 2 weeks on their expenses. Thus, the countries that will open first and offer the easiest terms could win from this situation, let alone the institutions that could develop strategies to financially compensate this period.

Another vital step for institutions that want to attract new students from Russia now is to address the audience digitally, demonstrating the measures of support that they developed and reassuring the customers that they easily could refund the money in case of unpredicted scenarios. One of the best ways to reach the Russian audience digitally is participating in agent's webinars.

TravelWorks is running high-tech webinars for over two years and made them both entertaining and valuable for the participants. Those providers who took part in our webinars also highly recommend this service for building strong brand awareness in the market.

TravelWorks will help you sort out the situation and reach your targets in the market in this unstable times. Feel free to schedule a call to TravelWorks Overseas Relations Director – Maksim Kostiuchenko to get to know the details of the current situation, reactions of the audience and work on your promotional campaign.
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