TravelWorks team has collected and sorted all the materials that can be downloaded below
Northwest College
TravelWorks Group would like to thank Northwest College team and especially Amanda Enriquez for cooperation on filming project, as a result of which we were able to produce several videos.
Here you can watch and download all the videos, as well as footage and additional graphics that we think convey the mood and positioning of the college, and will help in working with international students. Use mini rollups and stickers to decorate your desk and laptop during a conference or roadshow, Zoom backgrounds for online conferences and calls with partners and representatives of educational institutions, posters and wallpapers to put in your office and on your phone.
Zoom backgrounds
Mini Roll-up
Criminal justice class
Equine center
Interview professor
Medical class
Music studio
Northwest College drone
Nothwest College inside
Northwest College outside
Wrestling coach
Yellowstone drone
Cody rodeo