TravelWorks Marketing department is eager to help educational institutions from Tennessee promoting their brands and the state of Tennessee as the destination to international students by producing quality video content.

Based on the initial interests of Study Tennessee our team has come up with five different video formats that we could film and produce during the upcoming trip in November 2021.
Filming proposal to Study
Demonstrate the cultural and geographical variety of Tennessee by illustrating at least the following cities: Memphis (West), Nashville (Middle), and Knoxville (East)
Capture regional highlights that would be important for international students
Film a few campuses at each location to contribute to the marketing of featured Study Tennessee members
Below is the list of proposed five variants of the formats of the videos, different by the concept, focus, length, and required time and budgets on filming. TravelWorks team is flexible in discussing the details of each concept in order to create the product that would serve best for Study Tennessee organization and member institutions. It is also possible to combine the filming of different formats during the same filming period.
A short, intensive, inspiring video that showcases Tennessee as the destination for education and life. Could be filmed with one actor enjoying different places and activities in Tennessee.
Content: different cities of Tennessee, music, food, nature, sports

Video length: 0:30 - 2:30

Filming duration: 3 days

Estimated costs: 3 990 USD
Short, intensive, and inspiring video that showcases different institutions of Study Tennessee.
Content: campuses of featured higher education institutions and K-12 schools, classrooms, sports facilities, students during their studies and free time, professors, athletes, and coaches

Video length: 0:30 - 2:30

Filming duration: 3 days

Estimated costs: 3 860 USD
Big documentary video that focuses on Tennessee as a study, life, and work destination for an international student.
Content: campuses of featured institutions (minimum 2), students and faculty at the campus and in their free time, sports facilities, different cities of Tennessee, music, food, nature, sports, work providers.

Video length: 15 - 45 min

Filming duration: 3-4 days

Estimated costs: 4 390 USD
Big documentary video that focuses on what Tennessee offers in terms of costs, culture, and geography. Unlike the previous format, this does not include the filming of 2-3 educational institutions.
Content: different cities of Tennessee, music, food, nature, sports, work providers

Video length: 15 - 45 min

Filming duration: 3 days

Estimated costs: 4 260 USD
Filming of an educational institution as a part of YouTube show run by TravelWorks. During the show, two main heroes discover the institution: one becomes a student of the institution for one day, having set up classes and exams, and another is telling about the institution and interviews institution representatives. The format is already well familiar to the audience.
Content: filming is done at the campus, in certain study rooms and sports facilities as well as some attractions in the city. The filming requires some academic staff and students.

Video length: 15 - 45 min

Filming duration: 2 days at one institution

Estimated costs:
• 2 850 USD compare to regular 5 150 USD
• 2 200 USD if 2 institutions participate
• 2 200 USD if 3 institutions participate plus 60% off CONCEPTS 2 and 3

Extra: short promo video of the featured institution
All raw footage is also provided to Study Tennessee and featured educational institutions for their personal marketing work
How to use the video materials
Refer direct leads to the video which answers most of their questions and provokes the interest
Use the video as a funnel in your targeting campaigns for the source markets
Integrate the video in your agent training process when starting cooperation with a new agent in the countries you recruit students from
Diversify the content of your social media with the help of the creative short videos
Make use of the raw footage in creating further marketing campaigns
production rider
If any of the requirements need to be discussed, this will have to be dealt with and agreed upon in advance. We're sure we'll find a suitable solution for every case!
The locations must be ready and open for our crew upon arrival. The schedule of each day shall be confirmed with your side before the filming. Our preparation time is 30 minutes before the first scene of the day.

We realize that filming situations and changeovers can be different and have to be discussed during the advance.
Running of the day
09:00 am: Access to venue and meeting institution representative

09:30 am: Filming of Criminal Justice program

12:00 pm: Walking interview with institution representative across the campus

14:00 pm: Break for lunch

15:00 pm: Filming of Music program

17:00 pm: Filming of b-roll footage of the campus

19:00 pm: End of the filming day

Sample schedule (example)
Please provide a free parking slot for one car for the filming day
1. Aleksei Goloburdin (videographer, show host)

2. Denis Smorchkov (line producer)

3. Maksim Kostiuchenko (show host, road manager)

Depending on the format of the video the crew could be extended with actors and popular influencers to boost the interest of the audience to the final video product.
Travel party
Depending on the script the local crew should include, but not be limited to:

1. Institution representative to speak about the institution, application process, tuition fees, scholarships, and benefits for international students

2. Faculty members (2-3 depending on the script and selected programs)

3. Students (1-3 depending on the script and selected programs)

4. Coach (1 for a selected sport)

5. Athletes (1-10 depending on the sport selected)

Local crew
Most of the filming is done at the campuses of institutions and requires the following facilities:

1. Campus

2. Classrooms for specific programs

3. Sports facilities
Filming locations
Our team will need a small safe room to use as a base and leave the equipment during the filming day. This room could also be used as a dressing room.
Dressing room
Please make sure the following items are available during the filming day:
Still water
Tea and coffee

Required items
Our crew is flexible in terms of the provided accommodation, which could be a hotel or student residence, triple room or single room. Please make sure to provide one bed to each crew member. The arrival is one night before and the departure is the next day after the filming of the location.
For marketing purposes, please provide at least 3 merchandise products (e.g. t-shirts, hoodies, hats) that we will use as prizes in our giveaways and competitions.

TravelWorks will also appreciate a set of gifts to take to the office: pennant, mascot toy, and sticker.
We are happy to discuss and consider any requests to amend the terms of this rider.
TravelWorks is a recruitment agency incorporated in Miami, Florida with headquarters in Russia. Today it operates in four markets: Russia, Kazakhstan, Argentina, and the US.

TravelWorks is a full voting member of Association for Language Travel Organizations and World Youth Student Exchange Travel Confederation with advisors certified by ICEF for all the major travel destinations. The agency's priority is an innovative and creative digital approach to student recruitment.
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Key programs
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Secondary Education
Total number of students sent abroad
12 350
Number of partner institutions
TravelWorks Marketing department has seven people working onsite on video production only and five more people from the team who are involved in the creation and promotion of the videos.
We have experience of filming in many destinations from New Zealand to Canada, filming with 60+ language and boarding schools, colleges and universities, accommodation and activity providers, visa sponsors, and employers.
For us the creation of video content together with partner institutions is a noncommercial project. We see it as a possibility to develop the market boosting the mobility of the audience and also be able to promote our partners, working on reaching the common goals.
For more information please contact Maksim Kostiuchenko
Overseas Relations Director -