TravelWorks team has collected and sorted all the materials that can be downloaded below
We also made additional materials as a thank you for the long wait
Mini Roll-Up
4 short videos about Wisconsin
Zoom Backgrounds
All these marketing materials will allow you to stand out and attract the attention of international students, agents, and other professionals across our industry. Use mini rollups and stickers to decorate your desk and laptop during a conference or roadshow, Zoom backgrounds for online conferences and calls with partners and representatives of educational institutions, posters and wallpapers to put in your office and on your phone, and promotional banners to promote education in Wisconsin on websites and email newsletters.

All of the designed marketing materials follow a single concept, but have variuos styles to suit different Study Wisconsin representatives' personal preferences, and allow to express the aspect of the state they like best.
StudyWisconsin Documentary
Documentary Short
Green Bay
Green Bay Drone
Fiserv Forum
Harley-Davidson Museum
Madison Area Technical College
Madison Cheese Drone
Madison Drone
Madison Football
Marquette University
Milwaukee Area Technical College
Milwaukee drive
Milwaukee Drone
Milwaukee places
Milwaukee School of Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
St. Norbert College cheerleaders
St. Norbert College drawing lesson
St. Norbert College drone
St. Norbert College Hockey
St. Norbert College inside b-rolls
St. Norbert College outside
St. Norbert College students
St. Norbert College theater Hall
St. Norbert College wellness center
St.Norbert interview
WESLI evening event
WESLI Interview
WESLI students beer
WESLI students bike ride
WESLI students buy food

WESLI students cheese
WESLI students cheese shop
WESLI students evening
WESLI students picnic
WESLI students road to picnic
WESLI students, classes b-rolls
Hamilton Plaza
Wisconsin Lutheran College
WHLS Basketball
WLHS Drone
Interview with Tammy Leyrer at WLHS
WLHS auditorium
WLHS Classes
WLHS Common areas
WLHS Green room
WLHS interview
WLHS outside
WLHS Wood shop
Wisconsin State Capitol