Your programs product placement through short videos
Don't miss the chance to target your audience in English, Spanish and Russian languages through short videos on various social media. We illustrate a program you want to recruit students for through a small case study video that answers students' questions, like "How to become a nurse in the US?". The video will answer how to do that through a specific program at your institution.

We analyze the needs of the target audience, develop the script, film the content on campus, produce the videos, use them in promoting your education product, counsel the leads, and apply the students to your institution.

It is a creative and sound recruitment method.
Market Demand Analysis
TravelWorks marketing department carefully analyses the demand and problems of the local market matching them with the concrete niche and programs offered by the institution participating in the project.
Script Development
Our content manager together with the creative director, work on the script to fully address the subtopics that the audience is interested in, implement attention-keeping techniques that result in higher involvement numbers and longer viewing times of the video content.
Campus Filming
Our filming team spends one day filming the campus, which includes indoor and outdoor footage, filming interviews with institution representatives, masterclasses, social activities, interactions with the students and drone footage.
Location Filming
The second filming day is devoted to filming the city, showcasing iconic places and benefits that the location offers to international students. This content helps to increase the reach of the final video.
TravelWorks production team works on the final video for our YouTube channel using Adobe Premier Pro. The production stage involves the work of video editors, motion designers and graphic designers, who work on site in our office.
The final video is actively used by TravelWorks certified student counsellors in their work with the leads that come directly from the video, as well as other students with the profiles that match the programs and location of the institution.
Working with Leads
After posting the video on TravelWorks YouTube channel, the video is boosted for the next two months through integrations, digital advertisement and posts on other social media platforms, increasing the general reach to approximately 20 000.
20 000+ reach of the video which focusses on your product

Leads that will be processed by certified and experienced counsellors

Exposure to various markets (Latin America, Central Asia and Eastern Europe)

Video materials for further work with agents and students

Raw footage for your own marketing use

Short videos with your branding for your social media

YouTube videos in Spanish, English and Russian languages

2 200 USD
Apply before June 30, 2022
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