Thank you for working together!
The TravelWorks team would like to thank everyone at WESLI Language School for working on this project, as a result of which we were able to produce several videos. We hope that we were able to show not only what the school looks like, but also the care, support, and professionalism of the entire WESLI team.

Here you can watch and download all the videos, as well as footage and additional graphics that we think convey the mood and positioning of the school, and will help in working with international students.
Short Videos
Zoom backgrounds
Mini Roll-up
Madison Cheese Drone
Madison Drone
Madison Football
WESLI evening event
WESLI Interview
WESLI students beer
WESLI students bike ride
WESLI students buy food

WESLI students cheese
WESLI students cheese shop
WESLI students evening
WESLI students picnic
WESLI students road to picnic
WESLI students, classes b-rolls
Hamilton Plaza
Wisconsin State Capitol